POLISH Milk Technologies Sp. z o.o. deals with the production of candies in the form of tablets for children and adults made on the basis of milk powder. The raw materials for our products are of the highest quality and come from the "green lungs of Poland". Milk powder formulations in the form of tablets are designed so that they allow us to be described as products with functional properties and at the same time to use so-called. "Clean and short label". The health-promoting properties of the products we manufacture result from their participation in their formulation, in addition to the main ingredient, which is milk powder, also natural freeze-dried fruit with antioxidant properties. We assume that the presence of lyophilisates in a milk-based candy recipe can determine their health-promoting potential, while maintaining sensory attractiveness.
Milk in liquid form is susceptible to adverse changes under the influence of microflora naturally occurring in it. This is one of the factors hindering both the distribution of this raw material and also determines its short shelf life. One way to extend the shelf life and facilitate the distribution of milk is to subject it to a drying process that produces powdered milk with a condensed nutrient content compared to natural milk. Powdered milk is easy to store and has a significantly longer shelf life. Direct consumption of powdered milk is impossible and requires its prior dissolution in water and heating, and this involves the need to save additional time for its preparation, which nowadays is often impossible.  Considering the above and the frequent reluctance to consume milk, especially by children and a group of adults, there was a need to look for new forms of milk consumption. One of the forms in which milk powder could be consumed is its tableting. Milk in the form of tablets is an alternative form of consumption of milk, which is an excellent source of calcium for strengthening bones for all age groups.
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